Money Exchange in Uganda & Currencies Travellers Need to Carry

The Ugandan currency is the Uganda Shilling (Shs or UGX). At the time of writing, it was trading at a rate of Shs 2560 : US $1. Travellers checks (preferably US dollars) and cash are easily exchanged at several Forex Bureau & Banks in Kampala & major towns across Uganda but could be difficult to change anywhere else in the country, more so the remote areas. It is advisable to change some while in Kampala to avoid inconveniences. Also ensure you have a small amount of dollar cash for emergencies and that you have enough change. Dollar bills MUST be more recent than 2001 as latter bills are rejected by most of the Forex bureaus and banks. Note that denominations smaller than US $50 are exchanged at a lesser rate. Carry the smaller denominations for small payments but for exchange purposes better you carry the larger (SU $50 and above) denominations to fetch more of the local currency.

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